Trekking in Coorg is a great pleasure as the region offers all kinds of terrain for people to explore from easy to moderately difficult to extremely challenging, you can explore and choose the kind of terrain you are comfortable with. Coorg, also known as Kodagu, is a hill station that can easily be described as a wonderful picturesque location.

Tadiyandamol Trek

Tadiyandamol is the highest peak in Coorg. With gentle, velvety green slopes, Tadiyandamol is an ideal destination for those looking for an easy going trek or if you are a newbie at trekking. Tadiyandamol is the third tallest peak in Karnataka with an elevation of 5,735 feet and offers a challenging to terrain to cover with some breathtaking views. Trekking to Tadiyandamol peak is easy and requires little or no experience. Coorg is well known for its natural beauty and the Tadiyandamol being among the tallest peak undoubtedly gives some unforgettable scenic views of Coorgs picturesque landscape.

Brahmagiri Trek

The Brahmagiri trekking trail is a popular spot for trekking in Coorg. The Brahmagiri mountain range, situated in the Western Ghats, lies on the border of Kodagu district and the Wayanad district of Kerala. The slopes of the Brahmagiri Mountains are covered by thick forests and are home to many wildlife animals. The Brahmagiri peak is at an elevation of 5,276 feet and hence is a favourite among trekkers as a trekking spot around Coorg. The Brahmagiri peak is frequented by many trekkers all throughout the year. The mist covered peak with cottony clouds hovering around it entices tourists on to the Brahmagiri trail and for this reason, you may find a lot of trekking groups in the area.

Kumara Parvatha Trek

Coorg is the abode of the scenic Kumara Parvatha. Being the second highest peak in the region, it attracts plenitude of trekkers, nature lovers and adventure buffs. Also konwn as ‘Pushpagiri’, this 1,712m peak offers rugged and challenging terrains, and upon the completion of the trek, the trekkers are rewarded with spectacular views of valleys and cliffs surrounding the peak.

Nishani Betta Trek

Nishani Betta or Nishani Motte is a lesser known trekking spot around Coorg and is situated in the Brahmagiri mountain range of the Western Ghats. The beauty of this place is more or less intact due to the limited inflow of tourists and this makes Nishani Betta a favourite among people who love trekking in serene and tranquil places. Nishani Betta offers a gentle trekking trail through beautiful coffee plantations and the peak can be reached easily in an hour if you are a quick climber. There are gurgling streams of fresh water along the route if you want to take a break for freshening up.

Galibeedu Trek

The Galibeedu mountain range is situated near Madikeri, which is a very popular destination for trekking in Coorg in Karnataka. Madikeri is the headquarters of Kodagu district and is renowned for its natural beauty and scenic splendour. The Galibeedu range is popular among trekkers for its diverse terrain and picturesque surroundings. The temperature is relatively pleasant but can dip to freezing temperatures during the winters. Galibeedu to Subramanya is the most opted trail, this trail needs an expert guidance due to its wilderness and thick woods.The Nishani Motte is the highest peak in the Galibeedu range.

Kotebetta Trek

The Kotebetta, which means the Fort Hill, is the third highest peak in Coorg. A very popular destination among tourists, Kotebetta also attracts a fair share of trekkers with its fantastic terrain and scenic splendour. This beautiful hill which looks like a fort lies on the border between Coorg and Dakshina Kannada. From coffee plantations to forest covered slopes, Kotebetta offers a diverse terrain and several trails for trekking in Coorg.

Kakkabe Trek

The Kakkabe trail offers stretches of unspoilt greenery, fresh air and a cool weather. It is situated near the Tadiyandamol peak and trekkers can explore this beautiful trail when visiting the Tadiyandamol. Kakkabe also has a number of tourist spots nearby such as the Nalnad Palace, Padi Igguthappa temple. The Kakkabe trekking trail provides ample opportunities for nature walks and exploration. The honey of this region is quite famous and you can buy yourself a jar. The historically important town of Karada is also situated nearby.