Your trip should have a purpose beyond holidaying. Is it to educate? Amuse? Inspire? Whatever the cause, chances are that at some point you’ll have ideas for products and cultural exchange, either for yourself or others. I’m going to show you how to find them in Sakleshpur.

My biggest blogging regret is still how long I waited before collecting homestays. Sam from created web portal, a fantastic tool to help us more easily search and review properties. I use it specifically to read, review and I love it. Click here to read my reviews, posts!”

  1. Be clear about your intentions. Again, look at resources page. From the get-go, we are selling you the best homestays for your vacations, holiday trips, weekend trips. It’s you who decide what you need for holiday and what you do there so read carefully all the information of the homestay.
  2. Show enthusiasm! Look at how people talks about homestays. Some doesn’t just like it or endorse it, some loves it and uses it. Some homestays are committed to the hospitality and believes you should be too. The review post  explains why, delivering real value to the guests. So talk to them with your hearts and would hear the same.
  3. Be relatable. If you’ve been talking for a few times you’ll have developed a relationship with your hosts. Appeal to their interests. Discuss what you are interested in and that’s all. In that sense, you are building a host and guest connection. Ready to book.

Be clear about your intentions to get in. Show honest, rational enthusiasm for what they are offering.

For Example: I am interested in relaxing and enjoy waters in Coorg.

  1. Relaxing needs a comfortable rooms and nice view around. Get ready for the stay that really feels comfortable. Decide the type of stay.
  2. Check the information posted in website. Check for reviews and ratings. Most important is the images shown on website. As for as our website Spice Garden Homestay looks to be a a relaxing homestay with family hosts. Make an enquiry.
  3. Specify your plans and interests to hosts. This might sync your requirement and the actual. Book it!