It is not every day you get to enjoy your morning cuppa gazing up at a waterfall while water gushes below your feet. Kutta is the ideal for travelers who want to relax and back to nature touch.

It also wouldn’t be a daily occurrence that you go up misty trails in Coorg, Western Ghats, munch on exotic Coorgi food and kick up your legs and relax to the famed Coorg hospitality. At Spice Garden we have made it a habit of pleasantly surprising you with all these and much more.

We offer spacious Coorg style rooms and cottages set in a beautiful forest. If you are looking for a peaceful quiet holiday at the Coorg, Spice Garden Homestay is your choice. Everything at Spice Garden Homestay reflects the way of traditional living, which is a combination of freedom, spirituality, courtesy, simplicity and nature. Spice Garden Homestay also preserves the character of rural Kutta, which is expressed through our hills, green grass, rice fields, coffee plantation, trees, and farm life as the center of the whole property.