Coorg is one of the most visited weekend getaways in Karnataka. Known for its coffee plantations, pepper and beautiful scenery. Being such a coveted destination it has a number of options to stay at. Each option sounds more lucrative than the other, making it important to make an informed decision. That being said I thought it would be a good idea to help in the formation of that decision by narrating my stay at a homestay in Coorg- the Cauvery Polekare Homestay.

Cauvery Polakere: The Homestay in Coorg

The homestay is nestled in a coffee estate and is picture perfect to the extent that it even has a river flowing next to it. The homestay is a part of Cauvery Estate, a thriving coffee plantation situated in the outskirts of Madikeri. Nestled amidst the idyllic surroundings of Thadiyandamol mountains at Kolakeri near Napoklu, the homestay is a special place to enjoy a holiday.

Lush greenery, beautiful mountain ranges, sprawling coffee estates and unpolluted environment ensure a pleasant stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city life and helps refresh the mind, body and soul.

Upon arrival at the homestay the lovely hosts, Mrs. Myna and her husband, an ex serviceman previously in the Indian Army, greeted me. We instantly connected as my father had been in the army as well. He offered me assistance in planning my trip, an offer to which I obviously obliged.

The Feel of Staying in a Coffee Plantation

A homestay is a concept that aims to harness the tourism potential of the hill districts which abound in coffee plantations. Unlike commercial hotels and resorts, homestays enable holidaymakers to enjoy homely stay and hospitality of the plantation owner.

Cauvery Polekare is exceptional in the sense that it is located right in the middle of  a coffee estate, which itself is an inimitable experience.

Further, the homestay has options for every group, with options for even larger groups to stay in dormitories. The rooms in the homestay were very simple, yet spacious and extremely comfortable. The rooms are equipped with cozy beds, fresh linens, television and all modern amenities. All rooms have attached bathroom with basic toiletries and hot and cold water supply.

My room specifically had a great view of the plantation and the greenery around. I made an itinerary around the activities organized by the hosts for the next two days.

The next morning’s nature walks around the plantation was a feast for the eyes. The hosts even showed us the various coffee plants and explained the plantation process.

The Trek to Thadiyandamol – Highest peak of Coorg

The homestay organized a picnic for us at Coorg’s highest peak, Thadiyandamol. It was an amazing experience to be perched so high and to look at the valley below us. All the while we enjoyed it with some wine and snacks.

Going back to the homestay in the evening after such a busy day, little did we know that the hosts had more in store for us. We lit a bonfire and served the delicious homemade preparation of Coorgi pork around the bonfire. It was honestly one of the best meals I’ve had and I have been to Coorg several times and eaten pork meal. However, at Cauvery Polekare, the meal was simply exceptional.

The next day I opted to go to the Cauvery to enjoy the boat rides. Thereafter I mainly stayed at the homestay, relaxing in the plantation and dreading the six-hour drive back to Bangalore. 

River side homestay in Coorg

But the plantation was so serene that it was almost like therapy, getting away from city life and escaping into this piece of nature.

The idyllic and perfect location of the homestay is perfect for those who want to explore Coorg as well. The warm hospitality of the hosts accompanied by the mouthwatering food makes it a perfect weekend getaway, making it the homestay in Coorg you were looking for!