A rich cultural heritage coupled with an abundance of biodiversity is what the land of Kodavas – Kodagu or Coorg – is known for. The dense woods, sprawling greens of coffee plantations and misty mountains in the Western Ghats make for a perfect setting if you’re looking to rekindle your love while reconnecting with nature. To take your romantic trip up a notch, Coorg also has a handful of honeymoon resorts that will bring back the spark in your relationship. Whether it’s a resort in the midst of a coffee plantation to walk hand-in-hand with your significant other or a luxury stay to truly indulge yourselves, we have picked out four romantic resorts for couples to head to in Coorg.

Indulge your senses in the salubrious climate of Coorg

A combination of luxury and unbridled serenity is what you can expect when you choose to stay at this beautiful resort in the Scotland of India. Perfect for young couples in love seeking some time away from the big city, the property lets you make most of the pleasant climate that Coorg is known for.

What could be better than looking out at the sunrise and admiring its enchanting beauty with your partner by your side? This resorts lets you do that and more. Why not learn a new sport? With sprawling green lawns and top-notch facilities, the resort is a great spot to try your hand at golf.

Surrounded by teakwood forests and plantations throughout, the place makes you feel like you’re in a world of your own. Lounge about and admire the views with your significant other or just head to the swimming pool, where both of you can take a dip and share a cocktail or two.

Equipped with modern comforts and facilities, the resort truly lets you reconnect with your loved one.

Coffee calling – resort in Coorg amidst hills and plantations

Nestled in a beautiful location in the hilly outdoors of the Western Ghats, this spectacular resort is designed with the idea of building a sustainable environment. Lush lawns, tall trees, landscaped gardens and the old-school tiled-roof make this place a charming spot with a laid back vibe. Truly romantic!

Plenty of space for you to ramble around, quiet spots, beautiful views all around – the place might just make you want to stay longer than you intended to. Give free rein to the child in you and play a fun game of hiding and seek or just have a relaxing picnic on the grounds while you reconnect with your soulmate. Owing to its location amidst a 300-acre coffee plantation, you’re bound to have the aroma of coffee in the air throughout your time here.

Designed to maintain a sustainable ecosystem, the resort takes its mission seriously but without compromising on the comforts offered to you.

Old fashioned architecture combined with well-engineered infrastructure make this place a must-visit if you’re looking for a comfortable stay. The staff really understand the meaning of hospitality, adding to the whole experience. While the dining spaces are simple without over-the-top decor, the food here, prepared by expert chefs will bowl you both over.

And though remote in nature, it is still well-connected, making it a perfect choice for anyone looking to spend some quiet time in nature, bonding with your partner. The hilly environs add to the exotic feel of it all.

Want to explore Coorg? The resort authorities will happily make necessary arrangements for you. They also have a special package for visitors who want to take a guided tour of the estate.

Spend the evenings in the pool here, swimming about or engaged in fun banter with your partner. Perhaps, you could even watch the sunset together, while dusk colours the sky in its myriad hues.

While you might be tempted to relax in your room with a cup of coffee, we suggest you opt for an off-roading experience, which is offered by the resort. Go and explore the wild side of the town. Or, go trekking with your partner for a new experience.

Amidst this spectacle of natural beauty

Nothing quite helps you unwind like the feeling of being at home. And, that’s just what this resort in Coorg promises you. A homely atmosphere will welcome you, letting you kick back in peace. Whether it’s the architecture or the warm hospitality, the place is a fitting reflection of Coorg’s innate culture.

With plenty of greenery all around, the resort’s surroundings are perfect for you to enjoy a leisurely stroll with your partner, engaged in a long conversation or just exploring the place. To let you bond some more, the homemade Coorg dishes might just do the trick.

Waking up to a bright morning is a pleasure in itself here. You can enjoy a delicious breakfast in the garden or on the terrace, and spend the afternoon, lazing around in the hammock.

If you’re hoping to switch thing up a bit, there are guided trails and tours which can be arranged on request.

A charming resort amidst the serenity of Coorg

Reflecting the true fusion of spiritual and modern world, the resort has enough of amenities and services to ensure a comfortable stay while you’re here. Centred around the lush green and rich flora that surrounds the property, the interiors feature charming decor. Add to that a generous dose of warm hospitality and you’ve got yourself a perfect stay with your partner.

With round-the-clock room service and Wi-Fi, you can settle in and spend quite a while within the resort, lounging about in the spacious and beautifully designed bedroom.

The open spaces and outdoors are what make the resort truly special. Pick a spot in the quiet sit-out that faces the garden and greenery around, and lose yourself in a fun conversation or just enjoy each other’s presence while sipping on a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

While they do have an indoor dining area, we suggest you pick their cool outdoor seating and tuck into delicious Kodava specials. Or, go ahead and make it a romantic candlelight dinner!

The resort is also known to grow organic veggies right on the property, providing fresh produce for the piping hot dinner you order! The warm hospitality and affable staff only make the experience all the more enjoyable as you kick back and spend some quiet time with your spouse.

If reconnecting and celebrating your romance is what you have in mind, Coorg is a perfect spot. With its cool climate and great choices for stays, you can be sure to have a great time with your loved one. Go on and paint the town red. So, which honeymoon resort are you heading to?