With its lush coffee plantations and scenic beauty, Coorg is often considered among the best hill stations to head to. So much that it’s even titled Scotland of India. But did you know this quaint hill town also has its share of adventure activities? Yes! Adventure enthusiasts, next time you’re craving for an adrenaline rush, you can make way to Coorg. From ziplining to river rafting, there are quite a few activities for adventure in Coorg. Get going already!

1. Camping

Camping in Coorg is an amazing idea as it is filled with lush forests, verdant hills and sprawling plantations of coffee and tea. From plantations to dense woods, there are quite a few campsites in Coorg that are perfect for a quick break. The Civet Creek camping ground is located in north Coorg, about 16 km from Madikeri. The place is more captivating because it is located near the tropical forest in the Western Ghats of Coorg.

2. River Rafting

White River Rafting in the mighty Barapole River is another activity you can bookmark if you’re looking for adventure in Coorg. The river is perfect for rafting has two stretches – upper section and lower section – based on the water rapids and difficulty level. It even has Grade III and IV rapids for that extra adrenaline rush! Head here in the monsoon, when the river would be full and gushing away.

3. Jeep Safari in Coorg

While a jeep safari might not sound as adventurous as you’d like, sign up for one and you might change your mind. This experience lets you get up close to wildlife and nature. Imagine driving up to a majestic waterfall or perhaps going deep into the forest? Even more laidback options like a sunset drive to the hills become more exciting when you have a thrilling drive along curving roads added to the picture! Some of the jeep safaris to be enjoyed for a dose of adventure in Coorg are to the Kabbe Hills at Madikeri, Nishani Hills in Madhanand, Mandalpatti at Thimmaiah Circle, and Mallali waterfalls at Mahadev Pette. Night jeep safaris are also among the activities on offer.

4. Trekking

Another great to get your adrenaline rush is treks. Coorg offers a variety of treks for adventure lovers. You can pick one based on the difficulty level as per your comfort and experience. A top option among adventure activities in Coorg, treks let you explore the scenic beauty of the region. From finding hidden waterfalls and trekking along zigzag rivers to climbing up green mountains, there’s plenty to do here. Some of the popular treks in Coorg include the Pushpagiri Trek, Tadiandamol Trek, Kumar Parvatha Trek, Brahmagiri Hill Trek and Nishani Motte Trek.

5. Ziplining in Coorg

Breaking the rules of gravity, feeling the fresh air, looking down at the tall trees, all while sliding away in the air – now that’s what we’d call an adventure. Ziplining is another popular activity for adventure lovers in Coorg. It involves a cablewhich is tied between two high peaks/points and people cross the distance along that cable with the help of a harness. Hilly areas in Coorg like Kushalnagar and Madikeri are the places that have ziplining activities.

6. Microlight Flight

Do you dream of flying high like a bird? Well, microlight flight might not make your dream come true but it comes close enough. Sign up for this experience and you get to fly at a height of 5,000 feet while enjoying a breathtaking view of the charming hill town. Feel the wind rushing by you, while the serene silence of being up above soothes you, once the infectious sense of exhilaration calms down.

So, go on and skip the lazing around. Get going and sign up for these experiences to have a true adrenaline-pumping adventure in Coorg.