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Coorg Holiday Packages

Set amidst the enchanting hills, deep valleys and huge coffee plantations, Coorg is one of the perfect getaway places for a micro vacation to take a quick escape from hustle and bustle of urban life. Coorg can be described as a complete travel destination for a nature lover and for the ones residing in the Southern parts of India, it offers a pleasant escape from the hot and humid climate of the region which in itself is a change to enjoy. Today, we are going to provide a complete travel guide for Coorg with tips to getting best tour package for Coorg and furthermore, we will list out some of the activities and Best places to visit in Coorg that you should definitely not miss out on. So, let us get right onto the main discussion.

About Coorg
One of the unique attraction about the Coorg holiday packages is its coffee plantation tours. You can get a complete insight right from the seed stage upto the processing of coffee that ends up in your house. These types of tours can last upto 4 hours and will offer a great one of a kind experience to any person who loves their coffee. You get to learn about techniques like picking, drying and pruning which are the part of complete process. You should definitely add a visit to one coffee estate in things to do on your coorg tour package.

Best places to Visit
Like e mentioned in our introduction that coorg is a complete destination for a nature lover and we really meant it and to show it to you, below, we have mentioned a few places, each with its own set of experiences and fun.

Abbey Falls
In any collection of best places to visit in coorg, you will certainly come across the name of Abbey falls which is surely the best place to visit in the coorg. The waterfall is formed by the combination of multiple small streams and heavy rainfall which finally ends up in the River Kaveri. A 30 minutes’ drive from the main town Madikeri located 10kms away will get you at the Abbey Falls. After this you will have to take down a 10minutes trek from a coffee plantation and a spice estate to finally reach at the destination. The sound of waterfalls will provide you a calm and you can enjoy the majestic views of the falls from a hanging bridge. Cross the bridge and you will get to a kali Mata Mandir where a lot of tourists gathers.

If you happen to travel during monsoon, then you will have a totally amazing experience on the waterfalls.

Golden Temple
Situated at a distance of 34km from Madikeri, The Golden temple is a Buddhist Monastery also known as the Namdroling Monastery. The place is decorated with beautiful paintings of Gods and demons, attractive designs and inscriptions.

This Monastery is second only to Dharamshala Monastery when it comes to Tibetan settlements and is home to around 6000 monks, students and nuns. Not only this, Golden temple is the largest Nyingmapa Teaching center. You should visit this place during the Tibetan new year for the best experience which lasts for 15 days in the month of February or March. The place is decorated with Lights, colors and culture lama dances are also very great to enjoy.

Being the highest peak of Coorg at 5735 feet, Tadiandamol Trek is a nature’s haven surrounded by scenic greenery. Nalkhand palace marks the start of trek and then progresses into dense forest with beautiful flowers, streams, trees and exotic birds and creatures. The final destination of this trek is the Big Rock which serves as a camping ground for a lot of travelers. This trek is a part of coorg tour package for many people.

Coorg White Water Rafting
With waterfalls and hills in Coorg, you can expect a river rafting experience too. Coorg river rafting is one of the best amongst all south Indian tour package. The rafting is set in kithu Kakathu river and ends in the Arabian sea. One of the interesting aspect of Rafting is the way they name the rapids and Coorg white water rafting is not different. Morning Coffee, Wicked witch, Milky Churn, Grasshopper, Big Bang and frame head are the names of dangerous rapids that you will have to cross during rafting session of 4kms. The rapids are rated as a class 4 rapids.

Popular with the name of Raja’s Tomb, this place will definitely be perfect for both History ad nature lovers. This place contains the tombs of famous rulers from Kodava Dynasty both Hindu and Muslims. You can easily notice the difference between a Hindu tomb and a Muslim tomb by the Shaivite Depictions. The place is built with a Indo-Saracenic architectural style.

When to visit Coorg? The climate of Coorg is calm and pleasant with average temperature ranging between the values of 15oC and 20oC. if you want to enjoy the beauty of nature and watch beautiful flowers and vegetation in the valley, then March and April are the best months to plan your coorg holiday package while otherwise, the best time to visit coorg is between the months of October and March.

What to pack?
Are you wondering what to pack in your travel bag for a Coorg trip? Well, it all comes down to the fact that after all coorg is a hill station and you should pack expecting a bit of cold but definitely no hot sun rather a pleasant and soothing weather. Your luggage will differ depending upon what kind of traveler you are, like you will surely try to pack a lot less if you plan for a quick trip or a trip with lots of activity involved but you will pack relatively more if you are travelling with a family or a group or might be your trip is a bit long. But don’t worry we got you covered in either of the cases and below, we have mentioned every bit of detail for what to carry on your trip to coorg.

If you want to keep your luggage light and easy to carry on the go, then apart from the essentials like tickets and itinerary and their print outs, Travel insurance docs and relevant stuff, pack in a leather jacket (you can always look cool in a leather jacket even if it goes against the weather which will probably not be the case in Coorg), a set of thermals, boots. Comfortable cotton clothing will definitely go with the climate of coorg and will also keep the weight less. A pair of sports joggers and T-shirt will be handy if you plan to go for adventure sports.

For those of you for whom the weight is not a concern but missing out on anything is, start with increasing the quantity of everything we mentioned earlier until it satisfies your mind. Then you can add up essentials you always take along with you on a trip like a mp3 player, DVD player, a fridge etc. No, definitely you’re not gonna pack any of these things or are you? For Sure, we would recommend you to keep your luggage light and if you still want to add somethings then keep electronic essentials like a portable battery pack and some cables. Also, do not forget to keep some toiletries and a first aid kit.

How to Reach Coorg?You can reach Coorg via the nearest cities which are Mysore, Mangalore and Bengaluru. Below we have put up the information for how to reach coorg via different modes of transport.

Via Air
Mangalore international airport is the nearest domestic airport to coorg which is about 160km from it. If you are from abroad, then nearest international airport is located in Bengaluru and is approximately 260km from coorg.

Via Train
About 95kms away, the Railway Station in Mysore is the nearest railway station to coorg.

Via Bus
You can take the bus route if you feel like and book KSRTC Online at Yatra.com which has its daily trip from Bengaluru, Mangalore and Mysore.

Via Road
Just open google maps and get on the road in a 4 wheeler or a 2 wheeler with a helmet.

Well, in my opinion the best tour package for Coorg out of all coorg tour packages is the one done of road with best partners.

All in all, Coorg in one of the best destinations in South India with nice climate and majestic sceneries to enjoy. Even though, we haven’t mentioned it yet but Coorg is also one of the best Indian destination for Honeymoon. Coffee and Spice plantation tours are really different places to visit than traditional sightseeing. For South Indians, this place is a great spot for a quick getaway trip while newlywed couple can definitely plan their Coorg honeymoon package. So, I hope you gather only the happy memories during your stay in Coorg and Bon Voyage.

There is wide range of good resorts & homestays in Coorg for visitors where tourist can feel the comfort of home.

Coorg Tour Packages FAQs

What places should be visited in Coorg?

Coorg or the less popular Kodagu offers an interesting Kodava culture which can be experienced by sites and sounds. Famous for trekking, bird watching, hiking along with tour of coffee plantations, a few top places to visit in Coorg are Abbey Falls, Namdroling Monastery, Raja’s Seat, Chelavara Waterfall and Omkareshwara temple.

What are some popular holiday packages to Coorg?

Some popular Coorg travel packages are Wayanad-Coorg package, Coorg-Ooty package, Mysore-Ooty-Coorg package. These week-long packages start at Rs 20,000 and include meals, flights, stay and sightseeing.

How far is Coorg from Bangalore?

The famous hill station in Karnataka, Coorg is 265 km from Bangalore and is a 6-hour drive from the capital city. The fastest way to reach Coorg is from Mangalore which takes 4 hours. The nearest airport to Coorg is Mangalore Airport, 140 km from the hill escape.

What is the best time to visit Coorg?

Coorg is an year-round destination and there is no best time to visit Coorg as such, still the preferred time considering the weather is between September to June. Some tourists may want to avoid Coorg during monsoon because of slippery roads. The winter and summer months are popular with tourists. The high season for booking is summer so book in advance.

Which language do they speak in Coorg?

The indigenous people of Coorg speak Kodava while the townsfolk speak Kannada along with English. Non-Kannada speaking tourists usually don’t face any language barrier in Coorg.

Which is the nearest railway station to Coorg?

The nearest railway station to Coorg is the Mysore Junction, 100 km away. The train journey takes about 5 hours to cover the distance. Tourists can also opt for buses available from Mangalore to reach Coorg.

Is a 2-day trip to Coorg enough?

A weekend getaway from Bangalore or other nearby cities, Coorg is a paradise girdled by lush plantations and enveloped in a spritz of mist. Home to the ethnic group of Kodavas, the local warrior clan, Coorg can be experienced in different ways be it sampling its cuisine, a tour to its coffee plantations, trekking or just lying idle and soaking in the stunning views.

Is Coorg cheaper than Ooty?

Coorg being essentially a plantation site has less places to visit and can be covered within 2-3 days. Ooty being more touristy and developed is more time consuming and is ideal if you are looking at a vacation for 3-4 days. Choose from a range of Coorg tour packages today and book yourself a weekend escape.

Are there any 5-star hotels in Coorg?

Coorg has a slew of luxurious properties be it hotels or resorts. A few 5-star hotels in Coorg are Evolve Back Coorg, Woodstock Resort, Tamara Coorg, Taj Resort & Spa, Heritage Resort Coorg, Club Mahindra Coorg and more.

How far is Mercara coffee plantation from Coorg?

Mercara Gold Estate is 8 km from Coorg and is known for spice and coffee plantations. There are guided tours available for tourists which lasts an hour and visitors can also buy products fresh from the farm. The visiting hours for the farm are between 9 am to 5.30 pm.

How can I plan a trip to Coorg?

Coorg is one of the best hill stations in India. It is a getaway destination for a lot of people and the best way to plan a hassle-free trip to the destination is by booking Coorg holiday packages online at Veena World. Each year a huge number of couples visit Coorg for spending some quality time and the number of group tours to the destination is also increasing every year. A lot of people may find it difficult to find ideal Coorg holiday packages that cover every aspect of the trip; but not anymore. For a great travel experience, you can simply check out the various Coorg packages listed on Veena World. We will ensure that you can enjoy your trip without having to worry about the planning. You can choose from a plethora of sightseeing packages for Coorg or can opt for a customised vacation.