Sometimes, when the stress gets a little too much or you find yourself scrambling to find time for yourself, all you want is to just stop whatever you’re doing, get up and leave…escape to someplace far-off, away from all the bustle and dreary routines. If you’ve been feeling this way lately, we’ve got just the thing for you! Go on and plan a getaway. If you’re wondering about where to head to, look no further than the nearby hill town of Coorg. And, to take your holiday up a notch, we have exclusive offers on a handful of stays here. But that’s not all. We’ve gone ahead to pick out three offbeat stays in Coorg to make your planning easier!

Crimson Eye

An old Coorg house, right in the middle of lush plantations, with old-world charm and rustic appeal in abundance – if that doesn’t sound like the perfect place for a getaway, we don’t know what does. Whether it is Crimson Eye’s tiled roofs and old-fashioned architecture or its surroundings, the villa definitely fits the bill for offbeat stays in Coorg. Refurbished with a minimum-intrusion policy, the structure’s essence is retained while basic amenities and comforts have been added. So, you truly feel like you’ve stepped back in time.

Perfect for a family trip or a group of friends, the house can accommodate up to 10 persons. Apart from three double bedrooms and a single bedroom, the property also includes a living area, dining area and kitchen along with separate bathrooms. Home-cooked local dishes and homemade wine are other delights on offer here. Spend your evenings huddled around a crackling campfire with some music and food to complete the mix. Outdoorsy folks have everything from camping and trekking to nature drives and village walks to explore the place.

The Bungalow 1934

A hill-top heritage bungalow – does that conjure up the image of an old house set against the verdant splendour of Coorg? Well, that’s just what you will find here. The architecture of this age-old home is much like that of a South Indian ancestral home. While the structure might seem to blend into its surroundings with subtle and earthy shades, step in and you will find quite a splash of colours adding a dash of vibrancy to the place. The artefact-lined living room with vintagesque furniture and the spacious courtyard are other elements that will capture your attention here.

Steering away from the fancy decor, the rooms here feature simple decor and basic furnishings. Make sure you don’t miss the homemade meals here, best enjoyed in the kitchen, over a lively conversation with the host. You might even get to assist them in a chocolate-making session! When you’re done walking around the house and exploring its many interesting nooks and crannies, the host will happily arrange treks, campfires and sightseeing trips for you.

Turtle Pond

Built by an Estonian who fell in love with the region during his travels, Turtle Pond features four cottages which were constructed by local artisans. What sets them apart, though, would be their unique design. Following the characteristics of cottages in rural Estonia and Northern Russia, these cosy wooden huts have tiled roofs with a steep slope. Its location, right amidst a coffee plantation, adds to the charm of the place, making it one of the most offbeat stays in Coorg. Being surrounded by nature, you will get to wake up to the chirp of birds and go to sleep, listening to the crickets. Now, that’s a true getaway from the city, right?

The rustic huts are equipped with necessary amenities, promising you a comfortable stay. It’s specially bound to appeal to the artsy folks among you. Turtle Pond also has chalet-style stays, almost like treehouses, with basic furnishings and facilities. Pick the balcony here to sit back and enjoy the lush surroundings. While you can ask the hosts to prepare some local dishes (and give them a hand at it even), you have the option of cooking your own food as well.

Now that you’ve got three cool, offbeat stays in Coorg to pick from, when are you planning your getaway?