Organic farming in Coorg is gaining traction across Coorg combined with homestay concept. Here the Guests get hands on experience in Vermiculite, compost pit, plugging and tilling the soil, picking coffee, cardamom and pepper and oranges. Sustainable agriculture, soil conservation, water conservation, Harnessing renewable energy source, conserving indigenous flora and fauna endemic to western ghats are some of the things guests learn and experience.

Organic farms in Coorg grow Paddy,coffee, cardamom, spices, orange, banana,clove, cinnamon, garlic, turmeric, ginger, nutmeg, Rambutan, wild fruits, honey etc.

Organic farms in Coorg use coffee beans, vegetables, spices, oranges, bananas and wild fruits from farms which are locally grown in food preparation which is traditional Coorgi style. The aroma of coffee in morning and scent of spices in something to cherish. Milk used is from native variety of cows and buffaloes.

Organic farms in Coorg is home to wild insects, pests and other small animals.

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