Pollibetta is an agricultural region in the mountains of Western Ghats. Pollibetta is famous for its coffee plantations. The estates are located on the Pollibetta and Ammathi Road. The head-quarters of Tata Coffee Estates are here and Tata has around 10,000 acres of plantation land on this area.
Though primarily these are coffee plantations but pepper, cardamom and vanilla are grown as intercrops. In between the coffee plantations different tall trees are planted which are used as shade trees for the coffee plants. The place is known for the best coffee estates. High quality coffee seeds are produced in this estate.
Along with coffee, oranges are also grown. If coffee is missing then the fields are filled with rice. Tata Estates provide a ‘heritage’ bungalow accommodation called ‘Plantation Trails’ to the guests within these lush green coffee plantations. An old fort and a Buddhist temple are also located in this town. The whole town is green and beautiful.


It is ‘recommended’ that tourists should visit Veerabhoomi, a tourist village, during their trip to Coorg. It holds the distinction of being the only Heritage Theme Holiday Resort of Karnataka and displays the tradition and culture of the state.
The resort has been designed on the theme of a battlefield, with waiters wearing costumes of soldier. Lively entertainment programmes, cottages bearing likeness to tents and beautiful songs that play whole evening entertain the guests.
At this resort, tourists can enjoy swimming amid lush greenery on one side and tall and grandiose hillocks on the other. In order to suit the needs and requirements of variegated customers, this guest house has a variety of cottages that have all the requisite facilities for a comfortable stay.


Mandalpatti is one of the best tourist spots in Coorg. Mandalpatti hills are located around 25- 30 km from Madikeri town en route to Abbi falls. A right deviating road just 4 kms before Abbi Falls will lead to Mandalpatti. As bus facility is not available yet taking a cab or own vehicle is advised.One has to take entrance tickets from the authorities at the base of Mandalpatti before trekking the hills. Make sure to take water and food along as there are no shops around there. Once on the top of the hills the beauty of Mandalpatti is unwrapped. Far stretching green mountains and the cool breeze will definitely make one feel like heaven.