Barapole is the least known of Karnataka’s white water rafting destinations. This stretch of river has more than nine Class 2‑Class 4 rapids. Barapole is set on the banks of the Kithu Kakathu River in Coorg.

The river is a turbulent one all along its route as it flows through the Brahmagiri hills to the Arabian Sea via Kerala. Barapole is approximately 270 km from Bangalore by road. The route to be followed is the road touching Ramanagram, Channapatna, Maddur, Mandya Srirangpatna, Hunsur, Kutta, Srimangala, T Shettigere, KKR Junction, and Barahole.

Barapole River is an ideal destination for white water rafting, making sure you have a thrilling vacation!

The most challenging Whitewater rafting opportunity in South india is the whitewater rafting on the Barapole river in South Coorg. The actual length of this run is between 3-4 KM, but the rapids on this river stretch can be a class 4-5 (depending on the rain)

The entire rafting session lasts about 3 hours. This includes a mandatory training session for all rafters. Rafters are first familiarized with the rafting equipment and taught paddling and safety/rescue techniques. Every rafter has to go overboard and is rescued by his team mates, this makes people comfortable with water and also ensures all the rafters have practice of rescue techniques. At the end of the training session every rafter would have learned the proper use of the equipment and also the various commands that need to be followed. If any of the rafters are not comfortable with water or with the effort, the guides will stop them

After the training session the rafters proceed towards the rapids, which are exotically named, “Morning Coffee”, “Grasshopper”, “Wicked Witch” and finally “Big Bang”


Price1,000 – 1,500 per person
Timings: All days of the week, 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Visit duration: 3 to 4 hours