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Exquisite Boutique Homestay

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    This boutique homestay located within a coffee plantation, 5 kms away from a small town called Suntikoppa. Built in the early 1900’s by our great grand father, the property has been designed keeping in mind its history and tradition, ensuring the conservation of the natural surroundings, at the same time sparing no effort to provide the highest quality of luxury with a unique feel of English county living.

    The land was cleared of jungle and coffee was cultivated in the year 1900. The ripe ‘cherry’ was pulped by hand power on the estate. The parchment coffee was sent to Tellicherry to be cured and the prepared product was then shipped to England for sale. Pepper vines & cardamom were also found throughout the estate. The process of coffee making has undergone a lot of changes since then but the serene & restful atmosphere around the place remains the same. The property is about 3400sqft above sea level.

    The cottage which was built more recently, has all vignettes of the stately old colonial era, and at the same time has all the necessities of the present day tucked within it, keeping in mind the many requests from travellers all over the world, ensuring that their dream holiday is fulfilled.

    The cottage consists of 4 luxurious bedrooms with 2 cosy wooden floor lofts wherein, both adults & children alike will enjoy sleeping in. There is also a spacious living area to unwind in, a deck area (Balcony) with a breathtaking view of the coffee plantations & valleys during the day and a panoramic view of the night sky after sun down. The Kitchen is fully equipped with modern day necessities with a dining area overlooking the plantation, perfect for a quiet morning with freshly brewed coffee.


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