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Lakshmi Nivasa

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    3 star
    Madikeri, Karnataka 571201, India
    1 nights

    A Kodava home which has been opened to those looking for a vacation in luxury within an affordable budget, situated at the heart of Madikeri the capital of Coorg, you have the luxury and comfort of home. Coorg district, the birthplace of river Cauvery, lies in the picturesque Western Ghats of Karnataka and is home to the Kodavas. The people of Coorg live close to nature and have a great love for the land.

    The Coorg coffee estates are famous for their coffee , honey, oranges, cardamom and the queen of spice pepper.

    Lakshmi Nivasa, situated in Madikeri which has been rebuilt meticulously, is an ancestral home known for its legendary hospitality to family and friends. It has its own story to tell from hand made floor tiles to the antique door, pillars and windows rescued from a chieftain’s house and painstakingly restored. Lakshmi Nivasa offers you a quality home stay service in Coorg.

    Our family starting from my grandfather Sri. Appaiah decided to break away from the traditional way of life and do business , he decided to seek his fortune at Madikeri and came and settled in the town and bought Lakshmi Nivasa from a Brahmin. The hospitality of Lakshmi Nivasa started from the beginning being the only family house in town at any given time nothing less than 30 to 35 people lived here.

    Lakshmi Nivasa was the birth place of a hundred dreams of many members of the family who eventually went on to achieve them. Lakshmi Nivasa signifies kindness, courage, strength, hard work and success. Eventually over a period of time different branches of the family decided to sell their portions and move to the city in search of a better life.

    It was at this time that I Bopanna and my wife muthu the third generation of the family decided to acquire Lakshmi Nivasa and keep the legend alive. After having traveled extensively over the world and staying in varied places we found that one always has certain inherent expectations of a place. After giving careful consideration to all those expectations Lakshmi Nivasa was conceived to not only meet but hopefully exceed those standards.
    Right from the hand made floor tiles to the antique door and pillars that were rescued and restored every nook of Lakshmi Nivasa has its own story to tell. We invite you to Lakshmi Nivasa not for the holiday but the experience

    Forty kms from Madikeri at the foothills of Tadiyendamol, the highest peak of Coorg, lies our estate ( laxmivana ) close to the family home (ainmane’) where you can enjoy the solitude of nature in all her wild un spoilt beauty. Listen to the music of the wind and have a picnic by the brook in the heart of Coorg

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    Things to Do

    Micro lite flights - (seasonal) : Located 80KM from Madikeri can be arranged on request, Still Water Kayaking : Located at KAKKABE 40KM from Madikeri, River rafting - ( seasonal ) : Located at 40-60KM from Madikeri, Rock Climbing, Rapelling, Trekking

    Golden Temple Coorg

    Tibetan Golden Temple in Coorg The Tibetan Monastery or the Tibet Camp as locally called is located around 6 kms from Kushalnagar town towards Mysore. This Tibetan settlement at Bailkoppa or Baylkuppe is the the second largest Tibetan settlement outside Tibet. There are over 7,000 monks and students at the Tibetan monastery. After the Chinese


    Nagarhole National Park

    Nagarahole is named after Nagarahole (Cobra river in the local language, Kannada), a winding river which runs eastwards through its centre. Situated in the two districts of Mysore and Kodagu in the state of Karnataka. It was originally constituted into a sanctuary in the year 1955 covering an area of 258 sq. Kms and subsequently


    Tadiandamol, Coorg

    At a height 1800 m, Tadiandamol is the second highest peak in Karnataka next to Mullayanagiri hills (1930 m) in Chikmagalur. The peak belongs to the group of taller peaks between Himalayas in the north and Nilgiris in the South. Tadiyendamol is a part of the range of Western Ghats that lie in Coorg District



    Talakaveri is the place that is generally considered to be the source of the river Kaveri. It is located by Brahmagiri hill (not to be confused with the Brahmagiri range further south) near Bhagamandala in Kodagu district, Karnataka, 1,276 m. above sea level. However, there is not a permanent visible flow from this place to


    Dubare Elephant Camp

    Overview Dubare is known for its elephant camp, a forest camp on the banks of the river Kaveri in the district of Kodagu, Karnataka. It is an important base for the Karnataka Forest Department’s elephants. The elephants for the Mysore Dussehra were trained at Dubare elephant camp[citation needed]. At present, after logging operations have ceased,


    Abbey Falls

    Abbey Falls (also spelled Abbi Falls and Abbe Falls) is in Kodagu, in the Western Ghats in Karnataka. It is located 8 km from the Madikeri, 268 km from Bangalore and 122 km from Mysore. One of the most popular tourist spots in Coorg, Abbey Falls, Karnataka is located 7 km from Madikeri. The River


    Madikeri Fort

    Madikeri Fort (Coorg District) was first founded by Mudduraja in the second half of the 17th century. He also built a palace inside the fort. It was eventually rebuilt in granite by Tipu Sultan who named the site as Jaffarabad. In 1790, Doddavira Rajendra took control of the fort. The British who added to the


    Omkareshwara Temple Madikeri

    The Omkareshwara Temple is an ancient shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is situated in the town of Madikeri in Coorg, Karnataka. The specialty of the temple is that its construction reflects a mix of Gothic and Islamic styles. It is a popular religious destination of Coorg. The temple draws a large number of tourists

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